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Sukses Polindo Mandiri

Sukses Polindo Mandiri is responsible for collecting raw materials for its sister company Polindo Recycle.


Here, the discarded plastic is sorted manually by our workers who are trained to identify recyclable and non-recyclable waste as well as different types of plastics.


We source our plastics from informal plastic collection often found in Indonesia and transfer them to our more than 18 warehouses.

Adding Value

Through this collaboration, we in turn add-value to this industry by indirectly providing jobs for waste pickers in addition to supplying other industries with much needed raw materials.

Sustainable Solutions

We believe this upstream business plays a vital role in municipal waste management and reduces stress on municipal infrastructures such as landfills. Further supported by automated technology, Sukses Polindo Mandiri, provides up to 4,000 tons per annum of raw materials with the aim of becoming the largest supplier in Indonesia. In efforts to achieve this target, the company regularly promotes its services to businesses in the country, sharing knowledge on how Sukses Polindo Mandiri can be a solutions provider for their plastic waste management.