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Recycling Management & Logistics

Dealing with plastic waste has become a global issue; through our recycling management and logistics we can tackle this issue in addition to maintaining a constant supply of raw materials

To facilitate our goals, we utilize our fleet of modern waste collection trucks that transport plastic waste from our recycling centres to our recycling factory. Due to the strategic locations of our recycling centres, we can widen our collection zones as well as enabling our drivers to undertake the most efficient routes which reduces transport costs while improving our services to residents.

Our waste collection trucks come in a variety of sizes; ideal to operate in Indonesia’s congested streets. Moreover, our professional drivers are capable of handling daily, monthly, and annual collection targets systematically, and are trained to follow relevant traffic and other associated safety conditions.

We have more than 19 recycling centres throughout the country which are each capable of processing 100 T of plastic bottles per month

At Polindo Utama, we have 19 plastic recycling centres strategically located in suburbs and villages across Indonesia. These centres provide us with a steady flow of quality raw materials with each centre is able to process more than 100 tonnes of plastic bottles per month, making us one of the foremost plastic recycling facility in the country. Our centres are equipped for sorting and disregarding plastic waste products by colour and type — this labour-intensive approach is done to ensure consistently low levels of impurities in the manufacturing process.

Our recycling centres also play an integral role in providing economic opportunities either directly through employment or indirectly by buying raw materials from local plastic waste collectors. Moreover, these centres aim to provide greater awareness on plastic recycling to local communities through training and education; encouraging them to incorporate recycling into their waste management systems.