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Recently established in 2017, Polipack is a pioneer of producing recycled food-grade packaging in Indonesia

Unique Combination

The company utilizes a unique combination of 1-layer recycled PET flakes and 2 layers of virgin flakes to make cups and trays for major F&B brands in the country.

Latest Technology

Using German technology, PET flakes undergo a dying and crystallization process followed by re-polymerisation and decontamination to become beverage bottles and cups.

Ideal for Packaging

The low IV levels of the flakes makes them ideal for food packaging be it for bottles, cups or trays.

Buy Back

The company has also developed a ‘buy-back’ policy with its clients, meaning that it will purchase its used products from clients where it will then be recycled again. This can be done up to 6 times resulting in cost reduction of clients’ waste management as well as providing a supply of raw materials to Polipack; the company can already produce 14 million pieces per month.

Integrated Recycling

With Indonesia’s food and packaging industry already accounting for some 60% of plastic products in the country, the service provided by Polipack serves as an opportunity for businesses in Indonesia’s lucrative F&B sector to engage in an integrated plastic recycling system. Potential clients can customize their packaging designs while implementing  long-term sustainability practices.