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Polindo Recycle

Polindo Recycle’s recycled PET flakes products can compete with virgin PET flakes in terms of quality alongside their environmental advantages

Streamlined Processes

Polindo Recycle is the manufacturing arm of the group, utilizing a combination of manual and automatic sorting processes to produce its PET flakes.

High Quality

ISO & GNS Certified; maintaining quality control is a cornerstone of our operations and every six months our equipment and machines are checked and recalibrated to perform to their maximum capacity.

Broad Applications

We have an in-house laboratory which helps to identify aspects such as impurity levels as well as intrinsic viscosity (IV) levels which if high, means that the flakes are of high quality and can thus be used for food packaging. Low IV levels in the PET flakes makes them ideal to produce fleece-based apparel, jackets, and knitted fabrics — this has resulted in the expansion of Polindo Recycles’ client portfolio to include blue-chip F&B brands as well as textile and garment manufacturers.

Always Improving

Going forward, Polindo Recycle aims to install a large-scale waste-water treatment plant to complement its current factory’s facilities. Due to increasing market demand for its PET flakes, the company wants to ensure that any increase in liquid waste meets the environmental standards set by the Indonesian government. This is in-line with the company’s mission to become the country’s foremost producer of recycled PET flakes.