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Management Team

Mr Daniel Lawrence

Chief Executive Officer

Mr Daniel Lawrence is the current Chief Executive Officer of Polindo Utama having served in this position since 2005. Mr Lawrence obtained his bachelor’s degree from BINUS UNIVERSITY in 2000 and through his leadership, Polindo Utama has successfully implemented an effective corporate strategy going forward.

Mr Willy Suwanggono

Operational Director

Mr Willy Suwanggono is the current Operational Director at Polindo Utama. Mr Suwanggono achieved his bachelor’s degree from the University of Technology Sydney, in Marketing and Management. Previously, he held the positions of Director of Marketing for Local and Export Business and Director of Customer Development before undertaking his current role in March 2018.

Mr Eris Sofianto

Chief Operating Officer

Mr Eris Sofianto is the current Chief Operating Officer of Polindo Utama and was recently appointed to this position in 2015. Mr Sofianto earned his bachelor’s degree in Engineering from Muhammadiyah University, in Malang. Mr Sofianto ensures Polindo Utama complies with the various regulatory standards in manufacturing in addition to engaging in business development strategies for the company.