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Our Clients

As we expand our business and the products and services we provide, we are eager to garner new clients from various industries who are looking to utilize eco-friendly raw materials in their production processes

At Polindo Utama, we have gained the trust of a large number of local and international clients through the added-value that we provide to their business. In addition to clients buying our PET flakes to produce plastic bottles, we also have clients from leading F&B companies from Indonesia utilizing our recycled food-grade packaging products ranging from cups to trays. As a pioneer in this specific field in Indonesia, we utilize a combination of 1 layer of recycled PET flakes with 2 layers of virgin PET flakes to produce the packaging products. Moreover, Polipack’s ‘buy back system’ allows the company to buy back its products used by the clients to be recycled further into other products; this can be done up to 6 times and helps reduce waste disposal costs for our clients.

As testament to our manufacturing capabilities, we produce fibre-grade PET flakes for major multinational textile and garment companies. The low intrinsic level (IV) of certain PET bottles makes them ideal components for yarn used to make fabrics, these recycled PET flakes can also be combined with other fabrics to create a variety of new fabrics for bags and shoes, showcasing the vast applications of our products that can compete with virgin PET flakes.